Medicine, a vocation

« When I was 8 years old, I lived in France in a small apartment in Nice, with my entire family just arrived from Tunisia. My father owned a small grocery store. We shared two bedrooms and a living room with parents, grandparents, brother and sisters. A cheerful atmosphere! A physician diagnosed me with acute rheumatic fever. A serious illness at the time and a shock to my family.

I have vivid memories of a visit by this doctor who took care of me regularly. I see myself feverish, lying on the bed of my grandparents, in the living room, the doctor examining me, my parents in the doorway. I was observing his movements. At one point the doctor turned his head towards my parents and smiled. Thanks to this simple smile, their anxiety immediately disappeared. This man was a magician to me, he had made my parents happy. I decided at that time that I also would be a doctor »

David Khayat